• Model : HB
  • Made of MS with powder coat finish
  • 3 No’s of anodized aluminum blocks
  • 1 block holds 6no’s of 15ml tube
  • Omron controller with self tuning
  • 0.1℃ accuracy


  • Model: R8C
  • Digital Speed Indicator
  • Stepless speed regulator
  • 0-60 minutes digital countdown timer
  • Safety Lid with interlock.
  • 8 x 15 ml swing out rotor head


  • Model : LX 300
  • LED microscope with battery backup.
  • Wide field 10x/18mm eyepiece.
  • Coaxial coarse and fine focus on ball drive system
  • objectives 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x & 100x (oil)
  • Sub-stage Abbe condenser NA 1.25 with aspheric lens.
  • Iris diaphragm with blue filter.


  • Model : Makler
  • Sperm count performed from undiluted specimen
  • The number of spermatozoa counted in any strip of 10 squares of the grid indicates their concentration in millions/mL
  • 10 x 10 squares of 10micron
  • Easy to use and washable

Laminar Flow

  • Work Area: 2 x 2 feet
  • Work Table: Stainless Steel
  • Purification : ISO 5 / Class 100
  • Noise Level : Less than 60dBA
  • n-built power point


CO2 Incubator

  • Model : INC 108
  • Volume : 108
  • Certified by CE as Medical device
  • Interior & Exterior made of Stainless Steel
  • Electro polished interior seamlessly welded by laser
  • Infrared Sensor(NDIR) CO2 Sensor
  • No need to remove any sensors during Sterilization
  • Sterilization Temp.:160° C.
  • Optional : O2 Control

CO2 Incubator

  • Model : ICO
  • Temperature range up to +50°C
  • 4 model sizes (with a chamber volume of 56, 107, 156 & 241 litres)
  • Fail-safe, FDA-compliant logging of temperature, CO2, O2, humidity, open door time data
  • Battery-buffered Control COCKPIT The operating display, logging and CO2 control are fully functional even during a power failure
  • Active humidity control : optional
  • The interior chamber, including all installations and sensors, can be sterilised at +180°C
  • Electro polished, seamlessly welded chamber
  • Control of oxygen concentration by introducing nitrogen, adjustment range from 1 % to 20 % O2 : Optional
  • USB and Ethernet connections as well as a data logger with a ten-year storage capacity.
  • Data can be read and programmes can be uploaded by remote access
  • An alarm notification to your mobile phone guarantees the safety of your chamber load. The battery-buffered Control COCKPIT ensures fully functional CO2 control, even during power failures.

IVF Workstations

  • The ergonomic design, the number of various standard features like latest technology in air flow, air filtration and heat distribution, minimal vibrations and the low noise level makes the K-SYSTEMS® IVF Workstations the ideal solution in every IVF clinic.
  • K-Systems Workstations meet the requirement of relevant standards as ISO 14644-1 or EN 12469 for Class II cabinets.
  • The front window with the integrated Eye Draught Protection improves the comfort when operating the stereomicroscope.
  • 90 mm dia heated stage is integrated in the microscope light opening
  • The Gassing and Humidification System Maintain the pH in the media during operations
  • The heated work area – The Alu Heat System for uniform and precise heat distribution in the work area.
  • In-built transmitted light source
  • In-built medical grade monitor is completely sealed to the backwall

Anti Vibration Table

  • Model : AV1
  • The Anti Vibration Table handles from light to heavy inverted microscopes
  • The damping system uses Coulomb-friction on for optimal results.
  • The spring system can be tuned to the optional resonance frequency, to ensure effective dampening of vibrations to all sizes of microscopes.
  • Working range 15-72 kg

S Micromanipulator

  • Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH-Germany Inverted Microscope Axio Vert A1
  • 13mm focus lift with adjustable focus stop
  • Binocular phototube,45/23(50:50)
  • Green Filter,d=32x2mm,Neutral density filter 0.06
  • Optical equipment Phase contrast and PlasDIC
  • Objective LD A-Plan 5x/0.12 Ph1 M27,10x/0.25 Ph 1 M27 &20x/0.35 Ph1 M27
  • PlasDIC Module LD A-Plan 10x-63x for contrast slider 10x29mm
  • 0.5X Reduction adaptor for camera
  • S-micromanipulator
  • MO-20 3 Dimensional with Joy-Stick(Micromanipulator)
  • Universal Joint,X/Y/Z 20mm each,2mm one revolution handle,Joy-stick on X/Y plane 2mm/max
  • IA-1Pnematic Injector
  • Injection holder set,15mm
  • glass stage warmer


  • The definitive Micromanipulator – Integra 3
  • No Cold Spots : Thermosafe with a gentle stream of warm air under the Petridish
  • Practical : Motion sensor LED light underneath the stage for improved visibility when changing objectives
  • Integrated Stage : Bigger built-in mechanical XY stage Superfast
  • Improved rapid micropipette set-up with one-step angle adjustment
  • Colour touch screen : A 3.5 inch touch screen display can check temperature, track time with a stopwatch and count the number of injections done. The electronic height gauges track the vertical movement of the fine controller.
  • Shortcut video and images : shortcut buttons to film or photograph any stage of the process. There’s a stopwatch to keep track of timings too.
  • RI Viewer software : With RI Viewer you can use the shortcut keys and sync up with Saturn laser and IMSI systems.
  • Syringes : The Integra 3 includes two of our SAS air syringes as standard. Also available is the SAS-SE for superfine air control or our SOS oil syringe with a quick fill feature for minimum set-up time

Mobile Trolley

  • Model : R65
  • Mobile trolley for oocyte retrieval
  • Heated smooth table top & heated drawer
  • Shelf for storage
  • Adjustable temperature with key

Aspiration Pump

  • Digital Low volume OOCYTE Aspiration pump
  • Uniform flow pattern
  • Max Vacuum attained 400mm of Hg
  • Over flow bottle, adequate for the cyst aspiration
  • Autoclavable tubings, bottle & cork
  • battery backup upto 30mins
  • Wired cum Wireless foot pedal first time in the ART

Mini Incubator

  • Model : G85
  • Designed as a satellite incubator to reduce embryonic stress during handling for instance when performing ICSI and for short term incubation of oocytes.
  • Low consumption of pre-mixed gas
  • Built-in humidified Gas System
  • Automatic gas purging function quickly returns the pH to the physiological range
  • Adjustable flow rate with integrated digital flow meter
  • Two heated chambers with heated lids can handle up to four warming blocks, Included.

Warming Plates

  • Model : T45 & T47
  • Need of extra warming space, the warming plate is ideal for embryology or aspiration
  • Integrated temperature controller
  • The easy to read temperature is extremely precise and reliable, within the warming plate’s range of ambient to 49,9°C
  • The temperature level is adjusted directly on the keyboard in increments of 0.1°C
  • Chemical resistant & easy to clean, hardened double anodized surface

IVF Work Chamber

  • The G603 combines the characterises of a K-Systems workstation with an incubator like environment making it ideal for:
  • The aspiration room for retrieval processes
  • In larger IVF clinics for transport between the Aspiration room and the Embryo lab
  • The integrated gas mixing system mixes the CO2 and O2 to your preferred level of mixture
  • Mixing range for CO2: 2-10%, for O2: 2-20%
  • The re-circulated, humidified and warmed gas combined with the Alu Heat system assures a stable temperature in the entire Work area
  • The re-circulated gas has a Grade A quality achieved by circulation through a HEPA filter, a VOC filter, and a closed UV light chamber
  • Wheels Easily changeable cuffs Easily access through side doors
  • Outlets for USB, HDMI Sample ports for external validation of CO2 and O2 Humidity up to 60%
  • Electrical adjustable height, range: 75-115 cm.
  • Soft Support pads for arm rest.

Stereo Microscope

  • Model : 508
  • True Trinocular with 50/50 divisions
  • Large Field of View and Apochromatic Correction
  • Large zoom range 8:1
  • Interchangeable front optics
  • Visualize objects in fields of view upto 122mm expandable upto 287mm
  • Trinocular head with 0.5x reduction adaptor

Stereo Microscope

  • Model : 305
  • True trinocular with 50/50 divisions
  • Large Field of View and Apochromatic Correction
  • Large zoom range 8:1
  • Interchangeable front optics
  • Visualize objects in fields of view upto 110mm expandable upto 185mm
  • Trinocular head with 0.5x reduction adaptor



  • Low gas consumption and low cost operation with integrated CO₂ / N₂ gas mixer
  • Grade A air quality circulates through HEPA/VOC filter and UV light ensures minimised airborne or cross contamination
  • continuous recirculation of chamber gas ensures sterility & low consumption
  • Significant space saving design with 10chambers & removable heating plates for falcon, nunc or vitrolife dishes
  • 100% CO2 & 100% N2, No pre mixed gas necessary. Desired gas % can be set by the user
  • Fast recovery: CO2 < 2 min.; O2 < 4 min Gas consumption: CO2 = 1 l/h; O2 = 12 l/m
  • Range: CO2 range: 2-10% ; O2 range: 2-20%

Portable Incubator

  • The G95 portable incubator is ideal for field work or for transporting living cells between satellite labs.
  • The well-designed unit has a built-in battery, which enables the G95 to maintain a correct and stable temperature level up to 4 hours.
  • The incubator can be connected to a 12 volt socket (cigarette lighter socket) in a vehicle for longer transport.
  • The temperature range can be set from ambient to 42.9°C.
  • The chamber of the portable incubator can be purged with the desired gas mixture and is easily disconnected from the quick-snap valve located at the back of the G95.
  • Culture dishes and/or test tubes are placed and tightened into interchangeable warming blocks for safe transport

Laser System

  • Precise : Sub-micron accuracy
  • Curved Biopsy Mode : accurate laser drilling along a drawn straight or curved line.
  • Easy to Use : Intuitive RI Viewer software with streamlined user interface.
  • Safest Power : Lowest laser pulse times for minimal energy near critical cells.
  • Rapid : Faster than ever directional laser
  • Higher Laser Power : The Saturn 5 employs a higher laser power to apply less total energy to make a specified hole size, in comparison to lower power laser systems.
  • Always spot-on : As Saturn 5 pilot laser travels down the same fibre optic path as the ablation laser, it guarantees consistent positioning.
  • Software : Saturn 5 features class-leading software, RI Viewer. uncluttered full screen image, recording function, line measurement tools plus a built-in laser simulator for training and demonstration purpose


  • CUSTOMIZED REPORTS SERVICE More than 40 different reports, including Levy-Jennings report for quality control.
  • ANALYSIS RESULTS ON-LINE Patients can have access to their results and analysis videos on:
  • mySCA Virtual site for customers with unlimited space to upload sessions, reports and videos. Also permits users to access webinars, tutorials and on-line teaching courses as well as perform an External Quality Control (EQA).
  • TRANING IN YOUR LABORATORY Installation, training and accreditation by specialist.
  • IMAGES AND GRAPHICS The user can select the graphics /images that will appear in the printed report.
  • RESULTS VALIDATION A specialist can validate all the assessments, automatically send the results to the central database (e.g.: HL7), and print the custom reports.
  • LABORATORY INFORMATION SYSTEM (LIS) CONNECTIVITY SCA® is ready to connect with existing databases. SUPPORT Technical advice and service, giving the latest program version.

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