G85 Mini Incubator

  • Model : G85
  • Designed as a satellite incubator to reduce embryonic stress during handling for instance when performing ICSI and for short term incubation of oocytes.
  • Low consumption of pre-mixed gas
  • Built-in humidified Gas System
  • Automatic gas purging function quickly returns the pH to the physiological range
  • Adjustable flow rate with integrated digital flow meter
  • Two heated chambers with heated lids can handle up to four warming blocks, Included.

T45 & T47 Warming Plates

  • Model : T45 & T47
  • Need of extra warming space, the warming plate is ideal for embryology or aspiration
  • Integrated temperature controller
  • The easy to read temperature is extremely precise and reliable, within the warming plate’s range of ambient to 49,9°C
  • The temperature level is adjusted directly on the keyboard in increments of 0.1°C
  • Chemical resistant & easy to clean, hardened double anodized surface

G95 Portable Incubator

  • The G95 portable incubator is ideal for field work or for transporting living cells between satellite labs.
  • The well-designed unit has a built-in battery, which enables the G95 to maintain a correct and stable temperature level up to 4 hours.
  • The incubator can be connected to a 12 volt socket (cigarette lighter socket) in a vehicle for longer transport.
  • The temperature range can be set from ambient to 42.9°C.
  • The chamber of the portable incubator can be purged with the desired gas mixture and is easily disconnected from the quick-snap valve located at the back of the G95.
  • Culture dishes and/or test tubes are placed and tightened into interchangeable warming blocks for safe transport

R65 Mobile Trolley

  • Mobile trolley for oocyte retrieval
  • Heated smooth table top & heated drawer
  • Shelf for storage
  • Adjustable temperature with key

Trolley 2

  • Mobile trolley for oocyte retrival
  • Heated smooth table top & heated drawer
  • Shelf for storage
  • Adjustable temperature with key
  • Self for storage and aspiration pump